Makeup tips: Go from from work to a party and still look glamorous

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Makeup tips: Go from from work to a party and still look glamorous
Going from work, out with friends, or even that date with that co-worker who has been asking you out, does not need you to stop over at your place, first then go out we have compiled a list of makeup tips for you .

You can look spectacular by playing and altering you make-up look using our makeup tips, straight after work. If you would like some makeup tips to glam up your look for days when you will be going out after work, then keep reading we have compiled a list of makeup tips.

Take off the mess
If your mascara has been running and you have stained eyes, then take off the mascara using eye makeup remover. Use facial wipes and some oil bases, makeup remover, to take off the stains.

Make your eyes darker
Nothing says I am going out like a darker shade of eye shadow  You should do a Smokey eye look and the create wings, on the corner of your eyes using liquid eyeliner.

Make your lips brighter
Why not brighten your lips using, neon pinks and oranges from MAC. If neon color is not your favorite, then you should use red. You can go with a matt or glossy color after all it will be during the evening, anything goes.

Wear eyelashes
Bring a pack of fake, eyelash extensions and wear them when you are putting on your makeup. This will help create a bolder look for your eyes, and create gorgeous eyes, that will get you all the attention.

Use bronzer
Why not use bronzer on your decollete and arms; if you will be changing into a short outfit, then you can also bronze your legs. The lighter the bronzer, more reflection you will have.

Illuminate your skin
You should get face cream that illuminates your skin, you can use it for your face and neck, to give you a fresher looking over all look.