Makeup tips for light skin woman

Makeup tips for light skin woman

Makeup tips for light skin woman
Black woman come all different shades, and finding makeup tips for your skin shade can really be hard. Black skin is not only only easy to work with but looks beautiful when you get the right makeup look for it.

If you have had a hard time looking for makeup tips for your light skin then this article is for you keep reading because we have collected awesome tips for you create the perfect makeup look.

1.Don’t scrub your face
Over scrubbing your face when washing it only makes it look ruddier which can be difficult to work with. When your skin looks ruddier, it tends not to allow you to get a perfect makeup look. Most woman find it hard to get a perfect foundation look when you have scrubber your skin.

2.Cool verses Warm
Get the right foundation color for your skin tone. If you have a warmer skin tone, then get a cooler foundation. If you have a cooler skin tone then get a warmer foundation.

3.Use a concealer
Cover up uneven skin with a concealer, dark under eye circles can really ruin the perfects makeup look that you create. You can use green concealer to cancel out red blemishes. Use a white concealer to contour your face. This can really help in achieving an overall great makeup look.

4.Get the right color foundation
Make sure to test your foundation before you buy it. Light skin can be really difficult considering it can look ruddy when you’re feeling flushed, always make sure you getting the right foundation.

5.Pinks and Blues
Pink and blues go well with light skin, you can wear pink lipstick and then compliment that with a pastel blue. Pastels also compliment light skin really well, nude are also great colors to try for woman with a light skin