Flawless skin tip for African American skin


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Flawless skin tip for African American skin
Every woman wants flawless, skin, however sometimes skin can become a little uneven and need some help to getting our skin to looking even. Uneven skin is a common cause of frustration with black woman, with sometimes parts of or skin looking uneven and needing exfoliation as well as moisturizers that will make skin even.

What causes uneven skin?
Uneven skin is commonly caused by sun damage, whether it is your arms, or your back or even your forwards and some parts of your face, to fix uneven skin care on African American skin you need to start exfoliating. When you need to fix uneven skin, you start exfoliation before you treat the the skin, Exfoliation allows for the creams, and lotions that will be used to absorbed better.

How long should you exfoliate for with African-American skin
What is recommended is exfoliating with a low percentage of chemicals peels for 6 weeks straight, all over your body. A great exfoliation body lotion is ”AmaLactin”, it has 12% lactic acids, and if you are a newbie then this is great lotion for you. Lactic acids on of the mildest of chemical peels and you skin can start to get used to chemical skin peeling without the pain.

It is recommended to start with one day on, and one day off especially if you are new at chemical peeling, and then once your skin as started to get used to the slight sting the use it every day.

After the 6 week exfoliating periods
Once your done exfoliating your skin, will most likley  look brighter and not as dull, then you need to use a creams and lotions that help keep skin that way, using products that contain humectants, which help keep skin supple and soft.

To get the most of your moisturizers use 10 percent oils, and the rest can be the moisturizer you are used to.
SPF and sunscreen, you should always use a high SPF when you are exfoliating or when you are done, as this will prevent further damage of your African American skin type