A Bentonite DIY remedy for Acne you need to try


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A Bentonite DIY remedy for Acne you need to try
If you have adult acne, you know how frustrating it is to find a remedy for acne, which actually works. In this article, we will be discussing a remedy for acne that you can make at home, and use weekly to help with your breakouts.

Wash your face
You should always make sure that your face is cleansed before attempting to apply a remedy for acne, or may not even get the benefits. Clogged and oily pores prevent acne solution, creams and remedies from penetrating the skin. One of our favorite face washes for acne is using African black soap, which works well for people who have acne and even inflammation that may be caused by acne.

Tone your face
You should use a drying alcoholic toner; you can also use witch hazel, which works well, if you have sensitive skin.

Why use the Bentonite clay mask
What great about the Bentonite clay mask, is the fact that it help detoxify the skin, while unclogging the pores and clearing away impurities on the skins surface. The Bentonite clay mask will help with tightening enlarged pores, which are side effects of having acne. Thus clay mask also help with clearing away thicker oil’s that may be stuck in pores, as well as, as refining the skins surface.

How to make the Bentonite clay mask
Make the clay mask using distilled water, as distilled water is water that has been purifies which helps complement the clay mask. Then make a paste and then apply a thin layer at a time, and allow the mask to dry, which normally takes about 15 to 20 minutes then, rinse.

Advice for when using the Bentonite clay mask
You could be left with, a little bit of a ‘white ‘’ powdering residual on your skin do not despair you should use a toner to clear away the residual.

The mask can be used once week to help with acne, and you get it at your local health store