5 Way you can incorporate Apple Cider vinegar into your beauty regimen


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5 Way you can incorporate Apple Cider vinegar into your beauty regimen
Apple cider vinegar is no longer just for your kitchen. You cannot use Apple cider vinegar as part of your daily beauty regimen steps. There are lots of way you can start using apple cider vinegar whether it be in your hair or even for weight loss, you can use this inexpensive food item today.

1.Hair Rinse
Great way to clear away shampoo residue to is to use Apple cider Vinegar as a hair rinsing solution. By mixing it as part of your final rinsing solution you can help create shiny looking hair. Apple cider Vinegar help close up the hair’s cuticles and create smooth looking hair shaft that reflect light and create healthy shiny hair.


2.As a skin toner
By mixing Apple cider vinegar with warm distilled water and placing it in a bottle you can create a skin toner, for your skin. Not only is Apple cider Vinegar great for oily skin, but it also help exfoliate your skin due to the acidity levels as well as help clear acne.

3.Exfoliating your skin
Wiping clean and dry skin with apple cider vinegar and then rinsing can exfoliate your skin. You can do this after you have taken a shower and then do a final rinse for mild daily exfoliation.

4.As a weight loss solution
Now a days you can find apple cider vinegar pills, used for weight loss. You can also create your very own weight loos solution by mixing A tablespoon of apple cider in a glass of warm water and taking that before breakfast in the morning

5.Skin detoxification
You can add a cup off Apple cider Vinegar to your bath with Epsom slats to help detoxify your skin. By soaking in a bath solution of Apple Cider Vinegar and Epsom salts you can help create clear and healthy looking skin