3 reasons for dry skin and acne


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3 reasons for dry skin and acne
If you have acne and still have dry skin, they maybe some reasons behind that. Most people, who have acne prone skin, tend to have oily skin, unless they have and underlying skin conditions that needs to be treated.

If you use harsh chemicals on your skin, in the quest to get rid of your acne, you could cause dry skin and inflamed acne irritations and inflammations. This is caused by the acne solutions, creams and lotions drying the surface of the skin and even burning some surface skin cells off.

If you think you may have dry skin and acne that is inflamed then we have compiled a list of some tips for people with dry skin and acne as well.

A Thin layer is enough
You do not need many acne solutions on your face. Most acne creams, contain ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide and acids to dry skin up. Try not to use a lot of at a dime, you hold use your index finger to spread a thin layer on the surface of your skin, just to treat your acne.

Do not over wash
A lot of people, think over doing the facial washes, or even washing their faces, will help get rid of their acne sooner, well that’s not true, you can actually cause adverse reactions, like inflamed skin that’s sensitive to the touch and dry. Wash your face gently using a mild skin cleanser to get rid of oils on the skins surface.

Do not use hot water
Hot water can be very drying for skin, so only wash your skin with warm water. Just because you have oily, skin does not mean you need to over dry it, this can cause redness and even inflammations and cause skin that hurts, and feels dry